About Together For Wildlife


Together For Wildlife (T4W) is the online continuation of the Judith Eardley Save Wildlife Association. After 18 years of working as a charity shop we decided to focus upon acquiring funds online for wildlife.



The organisation is based on membership:
Adults – $10 per annum.
Students and children – $5 dollars per annum.
If every member actively encourages other members to join we will indeed create an avalanche of help for wildlife.



All members are asked to choose the charity they would like to support. For people who wish to donate but refrain from membership there is an anonymous pot. Together For Wildlife also runs fundraisers and proceeds accumulate in the anonymous pot. Once a year all members will get the opportunity to vote and decide where the anonymous pot funds will be spent.


A possible future

It is hoped that T4W can be established so that no one can say “I am concerned about wildlife and the environment but I am only one person, what can I do?”. T4W is growing towards an avalanche of help for wildlife.

The early members will act as if to throw $10 stones on a mountain side. As they aggregate, eventually a trickle will form, then a stream and later a cascade. With good fortune, intentions and actions, an avalanche of help for wildlife will form as long as we have the collective will to make it happen.


In summary

T4W allocates 100% of membership fees directly to wildlife causes.
T4W is completely transparent.
T4W has low annual membership fees to encourage high membership numbers membership fees go directly to wildlife causes.
T4W raises essential and desperately needed funds for organisations doing vital and inspiring work.
T4W provides a means whereby everyone can responsibly contribute towards saving wildlife and the environment.
T4W provides an organisation whereby individuals and groups can unite to help each other to help wildlife.

There’s a thin green line