About Majors Creek Wombat Refuge


Bill and Leslie Waterhouse have been running their refuge for wombats for almost two decades. Their home and their hearts are dedicated to these remarkable native animals.

The commitment to each wombat is immense, it costs around $1,400 and takes up to two and a half years to raise a wombat from pinkie, to adulthood and release. And Bill and Leslie do it all, from hand-feeding pinkies through the night, to rescuing and providing rehabilitation for injured adult wombats, they provide around-the-clock care with the ultimate goal of releasing every wombat back to their natural environment.


The recent 12 months have been hard for them, ongoing drought that culminated in bushfires, and then flash floods. This is on top of the big-picture pressures that impact wombats ongoing; road trauma, shootings, dog attack injuries, mange and more, the need for their services is greater than ever

Your support

By becoming a T4W member and selecting to support MCWR with your membership fee, you can help them to buy milk for their pinkies, provide food for the adults, and continue to develop, improve and maintain the refuge compounds and grazing yards. They also need further support as they look to release wombats as many of their release sites have been seriously compromised by bushfire. This means they will need to hold individuals for longer periods of time, till ecosystems recover enough to support them or alternative sites can be found and secured. Your support is immensely appreciated!

Bare-nosed or Common Wombat (Vombatus ursinus)

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Major's Creek Wombat Refuge

Major’s Creek Wombat Refuge’s sole operation is based at Major’s Creek near Braidwood about 100km south-east of Canberra