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Help To Save the Asiatic Moon Bear

We operate bear sanctuaries in China and Vietnam where bears are rehabilitated and cared for and where our bear teams gather vital evidence of the effects of bile extraction.Our world-class bear rescue centres in Chengdu, China and Tam Dao, Vietnam provide the bears with comfortable dens and semi-natural enclosures where they are able to recover in safety and spend the remaining years of their lives in the company of other bears. To date, 400 farmed bears have been received into our care.

Please help to secure a safe future for the Asiatic Moon Bear.


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Help them to live in peace and to survive

Our sanctuaries provide direct employment for over 250 Chinese and Vietnamese people in areas such as bear care, horticulture, food preparation and security. Several hundred local people are employed indirectly through services and construction. All this work is aimed at protecting the endangered moon bear and helping it to survive.


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