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Animals Asia works to end the brutal bear bile trade in China and Vietnam, where over 10,000 bears are trapped in tiny cages and plundered for their bile, sometimes for decades. The bile is used in traditional medicine.

Still relatively small, the Animals Asia team punches well above its weight. They’ve rescued over 619 bears and have award-winning sanctuaries in China and Vietnam. 

And in 2017, the NGO signed an exclusive agreement with the Vietnamese Government to end bear bile farming for good. This will see all 800 bears still in cages relocated to rescue centres by 2022. Animals Asia is in charge of the momentous project, helping to upgrade existing sanctuaries and building new ones as funds become available. 

Massive Commitment

Rescuing that number of bears is a massive commitment for an organisation the size of Animals Asia, but with your support we can finally give them the freedom they deserve. They’ll live out their lives with sunshine on their backs and grass under their paws.

Continuing to Campaign

Animals Asia was founded in 1998 by Jill Robinson MBE soon after she exposed the horrors of bile farming after making an undercover visit to a bile farm in China.  What she revealed was shocking. The bears were kept in cages barely bigger than their bodies. They couldn’t stand up or even turn around. And they were in constant pain from the crude catheters implanted in their bellies to drain out the bile. 

Not only is bile extraction painful and cruel, it’s completely unnecessary as there are countless herbal and synthetic alternatives with the same effect as bear bile.    

As well as working to save the bears, Animals Asia also campaigns to end the dog and cat meat trade and to improve the welfare of captive wild animals.  

Please help to secure a safe future for the Asiatic Moon Bear.

Asiatic Black Bear (Ursus thibetanus)

Animals Asia @ Together For Wildlife Launch

At The Memo Theatre, Healesville on February 28, 2019

I’m Anne Lloyd Jones, Australian Director for Animals Asia

“Our mission is to end the farming of bears for bile in Vietnam and China, to provide sanctuary for the bears and to end the suffering of wild animals in captivity. We also work to ensure humane treatment of dogs and cats. Thank you.”


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A Possible Future

It is hoped that T4W can be established such that no one can say “I am concerned about wildlife and the environment but I am only one person, what can I do?”. The analogy suitable for T4W is towards an avalanche of help for wildlife.
The early members will act as if to throw $10 stones on a mountain side. As they aggregate, eventually a trickle will form, then a stream and later a cascade. With good fortune, intentions and actions, an avalanche of help for wildlife will form as long as we have the collective will to make it happen. By many people coming together we should indeed make it happen.

Discounts for Members

We hope with in the Yarra Valley a good number of businesses will join on condition they provide discounts for members of T4W. This could make it an economic advantage to be a member of T4W.

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