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Accepted as a native animal in other states of Australia, Queensland’s Dingoes are outlawed and endangered. With the blessing of the Queensland Government, hundreds are cruelly poisoned annually. Confused with Dingo-domestic dog crossbreeds, which hunt livestock in packs, purebred Dingoes are systematically slaughtered. A sanctuary for these beautiful animals is needed. Now. Before bringing them back from the brink is impossible.


The Dingo is a vital component of Australia’s natural environment. Co-inhabiting with Australia’s Indigenous peoples  for over 18 000 years, this shy and family-oriented creature it is a crucial top predator, removing sick and injured native animals, so that only the fittest survive and thrive. Since the introduction of domestic animals such as rabbits, pigs and cats, the Dingo has proven imperative to the control of these now-feral pests. Where there are no Dingoes, numbers of destructive ferals explode: native flora dies, native fauna vanishes. Sometimes forever. Please help restore the balance of Nature.

Help To Make Dingoes Safe

Eagles Nest Wildlife Hospital in Far North Queensland asks you to help them make the Dingo safe. Dingoes referred to Eagles Nest will be relocated to a setting far from populated areas. Here, these magnificent creatures will finally live free from persecution whilst returning – to a healthy balance – at least part of Queensland’s unique environment.

Please help to secure a safe future for Queensland’s purebred Dingoes.

Queensland Dingo (Canis dingo)


Eagles Nest Wildlife Hospital

I’m Harry Kunz, Principal Carer at Eagle’s Nest

“Persecuted. Hunted to near extinction. Vital to ecological balance. Queensland’s Canis dingo, the Australian purebred Dingo, urgently needs your help. Help them to live in peace and to survive. My work for over 20 years has been dedicated to wildlife. We need larger, better enclosures to house and rehabilitate aniamls like the dingo and eagles, possums and snakes. Thank you.”


Eagle's Nest Wildlife Hospital

Eagles Nest Wildlife Hospital is a five acre sanctuary for the indigenous wildlife of Far North Queensland; providing a first class service for the rescue, rehabilitation and release of any animal in need. There is no discrimination against species, any animal, no matter how small or common is rescued and cared for.


A Possible Future

It is hoped that T4W can be established such that no one can say “I am concerned about wildlife and the environment but I am only one person, what can I do?”. The analogy suitable for T4W is towards an avalanche of help for wildlife.
The early members will act as if to throw $10 stones on a mountain side. As they aggregate, eventually a trickle will form, then a stream and later a cascade. With good fortune, intentions and actions, an avalanche of help for wildlife will form as long as we have the collective will to make it happen. By many people coming together we should indeed make it happen.

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We hope with in the Yarra Valley a good number of businesses will join on condition they provide discounts for members of T4W. This could make it an economic advantage to be a member of T4W.

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