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Together for Wildlife, the online initiative of The Judith Eardley Save Wildlife Association, launched in January 2019 and officially ceased operation on April 30, 2020, due to the immense difficulties raising and distributing funds for wildlife as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Judith Eardley Save Wildlife Association also ceased operation at this time.

To all those who donated and gifted to our cause, genuine heart-felt thanks.

The T4W website has kindly been kept live by our hosting partners as a legacy to the hard work invested by those seeking to better the predicament of wildlife around the world.

This website is not maintained and emails and not attended to.

Together for Wildlife
April 30, 2020

Wall of Concern

Running Wild

Wild Pot

Tenkile Tree Kangaroo

Along with safeguarding the Tenkile Tree Kangaroo’s future (also known as Scott’s tree-kangaroo), TCA is effectively preserving nearly 1% of the remaining primary tropical rainforest in the world in the Torricelli Mountains of Papua New Guinea. They need your help to keep going at their present level & to grow into the future.

Koalas, Possums, Bats, Birds & Other Wildlife

Animalia Wildlife Shelter is a non-profit organisation which relies on donations to continue the rescue, care and rehabilitation of our injured native wildlife. The need for their critical services have grown exponentially, as wildlife compete with urban expansion and suffer the impacts of ongoing drought. They need funding to maintain their 24 hour wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre.

Helmeted Honeyeater

The Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater have worked for the last thirty years to sustain this critically endangered bird, Victoria’s state avian emblem. Over this time they have supported numbers of Helmeted Honeyeaters in the wild to increase from approximately 50 individuals, to over 230.

Queensland Dingo

Dingoes play an important role as an apex predator, keeping natural systems in balance. A healthy Dingo population is good for small to medium-sized mammals (and reptiles and birds) because Dingoes suppress feral predators (cats and foxes) through direct predation and indirect interference (cats and foxes avoid them).

Asiatic Moon Bear

Our mission is to end the farming of the Asian black bear, also known as the moon bear and the white-chested bear, for bile in Vietnam and China, to provide sanctuary for the bears and to end the suffering of wild animals in captivity. We also work to ensure humane treatment of dogs and cats. Thank you for your support.

Leadbeater's Possum

The Leadbeater’s Possum is a small, fast moving, nocturnal possum that lives in the Central Highlands region of Victoria, north-east of Melbourne. Due to loss of species habitat, it was listed as critically endangered in 2015 by the Australian federal government. Critical work to save the ‘Fairy Possum’ for future generations is ongoing.

Majors Creek Wombat Refuge

Bill and Leslie Waterhouse have been running their refuge for wombats for almost two decades. Their home and their hearts are dedicated to these remarkable native animals. There are numerous reasons why a wombat will be taken into care; from road collisions, illness and animal attacks to bushfires, drought and floods. Majors Creek Wombat Refuge is a much needed sanctuary for one of our most loveable native animals.

Coming Together For Wildlife

Yara from Switzerland and her beautiful hand-drawn cards

Celebrating individual achievements for wildlife from the T4W community. We are so inspired to see what one person can do for wildlife when they act with passion and commitment!

Yara has been proactive and creative to fundraise for Aussie wildlife from her home on the other side of the world, in Switzerland. She made these beautiful cards and sold them to raise funds for bushfire impacted wildlife. So far she has raised over $1000 dollars. Thank you so much for what you have done Yara!

We are so thrilled to announce that we are selling the last remaining packs of cards that Yara has made on our website. All funds go to our BUSHFIRE AND DROUGHT WILDLIFE RELIEF FUND.